About us

We are a family run business. When you walk into our door you feel like you are at home and will get treated like family.

Eric & Robyn have worked in Gladstone since 2000. At that time, we both started working for Hunt Mechanical. We worked for Lorne until the devastating fire in October 2016.

At that time, after a discussion with Lorne, we decided to go out on our own with a partner and open Happy Rock Repair as we knew that Gladstone needed an auto repair shop.

Within a month we opened our doors to the public in a rented garage. In December of 2018 our partner decided to part ways.
In January 2019 Eric and I continued on.

We carry NAPA Auto Parts and do CAA Auto Care & Manitoba Safety Inspections.

Winston and Bubbles will make you feel EVEN more at home

Come see us for all your vehicle repairs!

The second you walk in the door you’ll feel at home.